Heyo! Tis Shrubio. I’m am gonna talk about control. If you ever make a model for school or for some graded assignment else where, then you get the chance to make something. YOU. Not your parent, not your sibling but YOU. I don’t know if you have gone through this, but I sure have. You get the assignment directions from your teacher and you bring them home. When you get started, maybe you don’t know how to cut out the shape you want of wood or foam board so you ask your parent for some instruction on how to cut it out. First you ask about the cutting it out, then when it’s cut, you may get some comments from your parent on how to make it better. They take over. They get out all of these complex tools and start working. Suddenly you’re just sitting there watching your project be perfected. The parent may have a different view of how it turned out in the end. They may think “oh that’s just hideous” and you think “I’m happy with it. It doesn’t matter if it’s a little off shape! After all, I’m not graded on the tiny imperfections”. Then your sibling comes, He/she wants to help. What do you do? You want to be nice and not start a fight, but you don’t want your sibling helping. Of course you give in after all the pleading and whining so suddenly you are just sitting there watching your sibling and your parent do all the work. You don’t to say anything because you want them to realize what they are doing. So you sit there. Soon enough, all the work is done. it’s perfected, cut, cleaned, painted, glued and what did you do? Nothing. All of that control over your project was taken away. All gone. Done with. So maybe next time, Don’t sit around, don’t let them do all the work. I learned the hard way on that…


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I am a fan of Tom Hanks, Jim Carrey, Ringo Starr, and MC Hammer

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  1. flockmother says:

    Reblogged this on Twelve and a Half Weeks and commented:
    My daughter Ellen has her own blog now. She gave me permission to reblog this post about parental help gone awry and how it feels to lose ownership of your work. In her own words…

  2. Papa says:

    Shrubio: You caught it, right on! I can feel what you felt. And, we’ve all been there, on the side of helped, and the side of the helper. It needs a lot of emotional intelligence to know when enough help is enough. I’m thinking it didn’t work to show the helpers they were over-doing it, by sitting there and doing nothing, no thing.


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